Equine portraits

Having ridden herself since the age of ten and owning horses over the years, Nikki has experience of handling horses and ponies of many sizes and temperaments. Being able to combine her passion for photography with her love of horses was a natural progression in Photography Fairy's portfolio.

Nikki knows only too well how the bond between human and horse is something unique, how they’re more than just a pet and soon become part of the family. Her equine portraits set out to produce high quality, beautifully lit images that portray a real connection, presenting your horse or pony’s true personality and spirit.

Nikki uses portable studio lighting and equipment as well as natural light to create her equine portraits.Equine photoshoots comprise of a session which usually takes just over an hour per horse including setup. After your photoshoot you will be able to view a gallery of all fully edited final images to buy and select which image/s you would like transformed into wall art, printed in any size or format.

If you would like to chat with Nikki more about equine photography and portraits get in touch.

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